Privacy Policy

The developers of Pinswift have the utmost respect for your privacy and security. Pinswift DOES NOT and WILL NOT send any personal information including usernames, credentials, bookmarks, or browsing history to or through any third-party services not directly associated with Pinboard. Pinswift does not make use of any third-party analytics or tracking services. In the event of an app crash, Pinswift may send a limited amount of device information to a third-party service. This information is entirely anonymous and is used only for the purposes of reporting and resolving any errors in the software.

Pinswift retains Pinboard login credentials within the app in order to implement some features. These credentials are stored securely using Appleā€™s keychain services and are never transmitted outside the app to any service beside Pinboard itself. All sensitive information, both login credentials and bookmarks, is transmitted over secure channels (HTTPS). Your login credentials are never transmitted over the internet without encryption.